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IT SUPPORT FOR PRESENTATIONS (only one technician)
Monday – Friday Half Day R 1240
  Full Day R 2250
After Hours Less than 4 hours R 1800
  More than 4 hours R 3255
In Stellenbosch vicinity & campus   R 720
Offsite (outside Stellenbosch region)   R 935
Windows Operating system Work @ home Request pricing
Microsoft Office Work @ home Request pricing
Other   Request pricing
Data Transfer Less than 15GB R 1080
  More than 15GB R 1855
Reloading of operating system If out of warranty R 360
  Apple Macbook or Ipad R 360
  Acer, Toshiba, HP, Sony R 580
  Mobile Devices R 360
  Private R 360
During Exams / Exam Period Send a request  
  Normal work hours No additional charge
  After hours < than 4 hours R 3000
  After hours > than 4 hours R 6000
Conferences How do I request this service?  
  Setup R 400 per day
Private and non-standard devices Handling fee R 360
  Reload OS (see above)
Handling Fee   R 360
Replacements of hardware components Quote will be sent @ cost
Send to 3rd party Rejection fee Depends on 3rd party

Two markets are differentiated in the computer technology environment – the consumer market and the business market. Equipment acquired as university assets, are bought from the business market for the following reasons:

The investment in business models pays off in terms of reliability, faster turnaround times, features, lifespan over the lifecycle of the product. The products are or could be used past the expiration dates. Replacing batches or squeezing the fiscal yearly budget of the department is not always possible. The reality in this environment is that most desktops are used far beyond the expiration date. The consumer products or older technology desktops or laptops are cheaper but the total cost of ownership is more expensive over the lifespan of these products. The built and quality, support and warrantee and the lifespan of the cycle of these products cannot be compared with the business models.